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Getting Started with CareSheets

First I would recommend that you either read these proceeding instructions in their entirety or you open these instructions in two separate browser Windows so that you can follow along one window and perform the actions in the other.

Naming your CareSheet

First and foremost you will need to properly name your CareSheet. The importance of doing this correctly directly affects its listing alphabetically on the Category page. If you do not follow this convention then your CareSheet will not appear properly and someone else will have to "Move/Rename" the page which will break any bookmarks/favorite links that others have made. There is nothing terribly difficult about this. The naming convention is simple.

CareSheet Naming Convention:

Caresheet:<full species name>

PLEASE DO NOT ABBREVIATE the Species Name and DO NOT remove the Caresheet: prefix


Caresheet:Camponotus fragilis

Creating your CareSheet

Using the CareSheet Template

To save you a bunch of time and effort we have created a page template to help you get started. This template contains all the information that you will need to fill out in order to complete the CareSheet. Including all the formatting!

Page Creation

Next you are going to type in the name of your CareSheet in the Input Box below, once you have the name typed in click the create page button! This will immediately create your CareSheet and import in all of the page formatting for you. You can choose to save the new CareSheet immediately and open it again for editing or you can begin entering in all the information and save it when you are ready!

Adding Additional Categories

At the top of your CareSheet, while in edit mode, you will see the following lines:


These lines should be on every CareSheet. We need to add a couple Categories to your CareSheet so that we can create some additional alphabetized indexes that could prove useful later on. I will cover each of these below.

Adding the Genus Category

Below the [[Category:CareSheet]] add a category for the Species' Genus. For example, if you were creating a CareSheet for Lasius niger, you would add the following on the next line below [[Category:CareSheet]]


Adding Regional Categories

Now we want to add regional based categories, this is going to be fairly easy for most countries outside of the U.S. Simply add a Category for each Country the species you are creating a CareSheet for are found in. ONLY add what you know, these can be updated by other members to improve accuracy. Additionally try to keep the categories for regions alphabetized. Furthermore if the species also exists in the United States, please ensure the [[Category:United States]] is listed last, the intent here is that further break down by state is desired. State Categories should also be listed alphabetically. Remember only add what you know, categories can be updated and maintained by everyone to provide accurate data/indexes.