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Getting Started with Journals

First I would recommend that you either read these proceeding instructions in their entirety or you open these instructions in two separate browser Windows so that you can follow along one window and perform the actions in the other.


Before you can create journal entries it is necessary for you to create your User: page. So before you go any further with these instructions, please complete the steps on How to create/setup User: pages instructions page.

Creating a Journal Page

Once you have created your User: page and saved it, there will be a section called Ant Keeping Journals to create/start a journal you will first need to decide on your Journal Name.

Journal Naming

Journal naming is important as it allows you to distinguish your colonies and separate your journal entries for the appropriate colony. Additionally this will allow you to label your colonies appropriately for proper colony identification.

Our Journaling Naming recommendation is a simple one. We recommend the following:

  • Full Species Name such as:
Componotus fragilis or Solenopsis xyloni
  • Incremental Colony ID such as:
(001) or (002) etc.

Full Examples:

Componotus fragilis (001)
Componotus fragilis (002)
Componotus fragilis (003)
Solenopsis xyloni (001)
Solenopsis xyloni (002)
Solenopsis xyloni (003)

This convention helps you identify and distinguish between your colonies and provides a way to track journal entries about them even if you happen to lose your colony or sell it, the information is preserved.

Once you have determined your naming convention, enter it in the text box provided in your Journal section on your User: page and click the Create Page button. This will import a predefined template into your Journal page. Save the page and you are ready to begin your journal!

Journal Content

Journal content is a debatable topic however at this stage of the wiki roll out I think we would like to keep it pretty basic, so for now lets keep it to basic colony growth information such as number of brood and workers (approximations) as well as pictures, media, formica changes, brood boosting activities, feedings, and other general information regarding your colony.

We currently have a separate observation mechanism for recording significant and notable observations that you witness as an Ant Keeper.

As an example please refer to this page for a live Journal Example

At a later time we may expand or merge information. If any changes occur with this we will inform you.

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