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Ants (scientific name Formicidae) are eusocial insects in the order Hymenoptera, they evolved from wasp like ancestors around 100 million years ago. There is around 16,000 discovered species, said to take up more than 15% of the terrestrial biomass. They have some of the most advanced societies, in the animal kingdom, often referred to as a super organism. They reproduce by haplodiploidy, males come from unfertilized eggs (haploid), and females from fertilized (diploid). All the workers in the colony are females, males are only produced to mate with the females during certain times of the year. Their societies consist of hunters, gathers, and farmers. They can be as small as .5 of a millimeter or as large as two inches. Some colonies being monomorphic, and some being very polymorphic such as leafcutter ants, who's workers can be as small as 3mm to as big as 20mm. They have one of the most complex communication systems in the animal kingdom, as well as some of the simplest to most bizarre mating systems. Colonies have queens who were born to be the reproductive form in the colony, or a gamergate, a worker who fought with her sisters for the role of the reproductive form by showing their dominance and strength.


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