Formatting Guide

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This is the general formatting guide.

Quick reference for wiki editing
Want to do How
Basic formatting
Insert table of contents lower than default Source editing, insert "__toc__"
Make a fancy table
List of codes for pages that need work
What How
Basics Type {{ then insert the name of the template in the box that pops up, for example, for a requested rewrite, you would type "Cleanup rewrite".
Click on any of the links to see an explanation of usage
Under Construction Template:Under construction
Image requested Template:Image requested
Citation needed Template:Citation needed
Formatting clean up Template:Cleanup
Expert needed Template:Expert needed
Stub Template:Stub
Reformatting request Template:Cleanup reformat
Rewrite request Template:Cleanup rewrite

Click the pencil to choose the editor


Visual Editing

This uses the visual editor. This is known as What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG). This is the easiest editor, and is pretty intuitive, but can't do as much as the source editor.

Source Editing

Some edits need to be done in the source editor. If you're not sure about this, you can just leave it to people who know how to do it.

Below are some of the basic things to know how to do in source editing

Putting images in

You can put images in using insert > media.

Drag the image around to position it.

If you want it to be left, right or center, click the image and select edit, then select "advanced".

Sometimes, adding an image can take a while to show up in the cache. If you don't see it immediately, just work on something else and get back to it.

Above is an example of a gallery. You will need to have the images already uploaded before creating the gallery, and they need to be in the wiki's cache to show up by name.

What the link to box looks like

Interlinking pages

To link to another page, simply start by typing [[ - a window will pop up asking you where you wish to link to. They will then show up like this: To Do.

Signifying a page needs work

Table here for all the different tags, and categories

Asking for citations

Table here with all the ways to ask for citations

Did I miss something?

This is the first draft of this page - if there's something you wish to know how to do, just edit this section and let me know. Thanks! - soul