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PPQ-526 Permit Form Instructions

These instructions are for submitting a request for a PPQ-526 Permit in order to allow for the interstate shipment of non-exempt ant species between ant keepers in different states. This permit also does not supersede individual state requirements. These instructions and the contents herein DO NOT guarantee Permit Approval, however the wording and information provided here HAS been successfully approved to obtain a valid Permit.

For the purposes of the Ant Keeper Hobbyist this permit is only required by the person that will be "raising" the ants.

This permit does not allow for the Ant Keeper to receive the ants covered under this permit and transfer ownership of the colony to someone else in their locality without notifying/modifying the Permit or getting an additional Permit and working with the USDA/APHIS on transfer of custody.


  • You must be 18+ years of age to legally hold a PPQ-526 permit. If you are a under age ant keeper you must have your parent apply for the permit
  • You must register on the USDA/APHIS eAuthentication website and get approved for a Level 2 Account.


  • Create a permit and add an article for each of your favorite NATIVE species.
  • Once your "favorite Native sp." permit has been approved you may amend it with a separate article for NON-NATIVE sp. you wish to keep or a entirely separate permit altogether
  • Ensure that a copy of your permit is included in the shipping container for each ant sp. contained in the container

USPS Shipping Requirements

For shipping via USPS the following requirements are recommended at a minimum.

PPQ-526 Application

During the Application process each time you click the Continue button the application information is saved it is not necessary to fill out the entire form in a single session in the event you do not have all of the info needed when you start the application process. You can revisit your "unsubmitted" application to make adjustments as needed until you are ready to submit for approval.

PPQ526 Figure1.png
Login to your Level 2 USDA/APHIS Account
PPQ526 Figure2.png
In the left menu click on Create\Renew\Amend Application link
PPQ526 Figure3.png
Select the Plant Protection & Quarantine radio button and click Continue
PPQ526 Figure4.png
Select the PPQ 526 Permit to Move Live Plant Pests, Biological Control Agents, Bees, Parasitic Plants, Federal Noxious Weeds, or Soil then click Continue
PPQ526 Figure5.png
Select the No. This is NOT an application to move or import select agents. then click Continue
PPQ526 Figure6.png
Select the New radio button, then click Continue
PPQ526 Figure7.png
Select the No. This application does NOT contain Confidential Business Information. then click Continue
PPQ526 Figure8.png
Fill out all of the highlighted information provided in the screenshot below, when done click Continue
PPQ526 Figure9.png
Click on the Enter New Article button
PPQ526 Figure10.png
The fields highlighted below need to be filled out as show in the following figures.
PPQ526 Figure11.png
In the first drop down select the appropriate option for where the ants were collected from, most likely scenario should be Originally Collected Winthin the Continental U.S.
PPQ526 Figure12.png
Select Other as the intended use and fill out the Description Box as outlined below
PPQ526 Figure13.png
In the search box type in the name of the sp. you want and select it if it is available and move it to the right, if it is not listed, type Unlisted Article in the Unlisted Article Text box at the bottom of the form and click the >> button
PPQ526 Figure14.png
Make sure you see the Other/Unlisted Article in the box on the right, click Continue
PPQ526 Figure15.png
Fill out the form as specified in the screenshot below, this example is based on an Adult Queen, if she has brood select the appropriate check boxes for each lifestage. Click Continue when completed
PPQ526 Figure16.png
Click Continue here
PPQ526 Figure17.png
Click Done Entering Articles here
PPQ526 Figure18.png
Select Interstate Movement in the drop down and click Continue
PPQ526 Figure19.png
Select Single State with Address
PPQ526 Figure20.png
Provide all of the highlighted information about the person who you are getting your specimen FROM. Also be sure to include the recommended text in the Shipment Comments box. Once done click Continue
PPQ526 Figure21.png
Click Done with Origination Points button
PPQ526 Figure22.png
Check the box and provide all of your information related to where you will be keeping the ants being covered by this Permit. Click Continue once filled out.
PPQ526 Figure23.png
Click Enter New Proposed Measure button
PPQ526 Figure24.png
Fill out the form as you see it below, be sure to describe all methods of prevention (ie. sealed windows and doors, escape proof formicarium, etc.). Choice of Final Disposition Method is up to you. Click Continue when done.
PPQ526 Figure25.png
Click the Done With Proposed Measures button
PPQ526 Figure26.png
Click the Continue button
PPQ526 Figure27.png
Once you have provided all of the information recommended in all of the screenshots above as part of this process, click the Certify & Submit button. Application review could take several weeks before you get a response, this all depends on USDA/APHIS workload, it may also take longer depending on the ant species you are attempting to transport.

Home Page Overview

Now that you have an application submitted, I want to give you an overview of your home screen when you are logged in.

At this point you will receive a final notification that your Permit has been approved. Congratulations on your Permit Approval.