Requested Pages

From Ant Keeping Wiki

  • Finding Queens - different methods, including whole colony collection, from logs etc... (ajmetal87) suggested as reference.
  • "Ant Facts" - a list of things that laypeople would find surprising about ants (can we do random factoids in headers / footers etc?) (fishius)
  • Plant and Ant symbiotic relationships (Ankrauser)

Basic pages required aka "stuff that really should be there when people visit the wiki" (added by Serafine)

  • How to make a test tube setup (Soul's reddit guide can act as a foundation for this)
  • Formicaria (explanation of components - nests/outworlds/connectors of various types; different types of outworlds - vanilla, dry, naturalistic, pallidarium; substrate types, etc.)
  • Basic antkeeping equipment list (dishes, pincers, cleaning brush, heating cable, etc.) > Materials


  • Proper Caresheets hub page > Category:CareSheets
  • Protected/forbidden ants list (country + list of protected/banned/endangered species)
  • Invasive ants page (dangers, laws, etc.)


  • Anting main page > WIP - Anting Guide
  • Anting equimpment list (short trip, long trip, night trip, tips like not keeping queens close to the body to not fry them, etc.) > WIP - Anting Trip Checklist
  • How to find a queen guide (Soul's reddit guide can act as a foundation for this)


  • DIY material guide (material, pros and cons, tools required, etc. suitable for nest/outworld) > WIP - DIY Material Guide